20. July 2023
Auction ‘n Concert: Elite Foal Auction Sale and Concerts Hand in Hand

On 19 and 20 August it is all about Holstein’s youngests at Elmshorn, as this weekend hosts the elite foal auction sale on Saturday and the long-established R+V State foal championship on Sunday – and there is even more. Auction ‘n Concert is a high-quality concept drawn up by the team around marketing director Felix Flinzer with the foal auction embedded in performances of well-known artists.  

67 Holsteiner top foals are presented on Saturday, 19 August, a 1:00pm before the first part of the auction sale begins at 3:30pm. The first concert is scheduled for 5:30pm, with good vibes guaranteed by performers like Stefan Mross, Safiya, and Marc Terenzi. After the first musical performance, the auction sale is continued at 6:30pm with parts 2 and later 3, interspersed with musical acts. “Auction ‘n Concert is a unique outdoor event, combining Holsteiner foals and great musicians in a festival atmosphere“, according to Felix Flinzer. The evening is presented by TV personality Andrej Mangold, of The Bachelor-fame. DJ and electric violinist Vio Leen performs after the auction and the concerts.  

The foal selection definitely lives up to the elite name, with proven sires and sought-after young stallions ranging from A like Askari to Z like Zirocco Blue presenting their offspring: the  67 lots from top Holsteiner mare families are by Connor, Clicksem, Dinken and Uriko, but also by Charaktervoll, Chaccothage Blue, Keaton and Vigado, to name just a few. A true rarity among the lots put to auction is a son of Carthago, arguably the most successful jumping stallion of his time. Photos and videos of the lots along with extensive information on relatives’ performance are soon available for online viewing on www.holsteiner.auction

An event worth attending
Several food trucks and cocktail booths round the Elmshorn harness racing track provide for delicious food and drinks - tickets can be ordered through eventim, other advance booking agencies and the Holsteiner Verband Elmshorn at only € 25 per ticket. Moreover, there are special terms for Holsteiner Verband members, with ticket costs reduced to only € 10 per ticket. While entry is free for all children up to the age of 10, fun and play for young kids is guaranteed with two bouncy castles.  

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Timetable Auction ‘n Concert:

1:00pm – presentation of the foals
3:30pm – begin of auction sale (part 1)
5:30pm – concert part 1
6:30pm – auction sale (part 2)
7:30pm – concert part 2
8:30pm – auction sale (part 3)
9:30pm – concert part 3
followed by DJ Vio Leen

Photo: Janne Bugtrup