Holsteiner Mares

Champion of the Verband Mare Show 2021: La Perla v. Casall-Contender (St. 1859) aus der Zucht und im Besitz von Katja Claußen-Brühe, Seeth-Ekholt (Foto: Janne Bugtrup)
Champion of the Verband Mare Show 2021: La Perla v. Casall-Contender (St. 1859) aus der Zucht und im Besitz von Katja Claußen-Brühe, Seeth-Ekholt (Foto: Janne Bugtrup)

Mare Inspection

If you want to breed your 3-year-old or older mare, she must be registered in the Holsteiner Verband stud book.

Holsteiner Verband Studbook and Registration system

If you want to breed your 3-year-old or older mare, she must be entered into the Holsteiner Verband studbook.

Upon inspection for registration mares are presented in hand and at liberty and will receive marks on type, topline, front legs, hind legs, walk, trot, and canter.

Depending on the scores and certain pedigree requirements, mares may be awarded special designations (premium status).


Studbook and Registration System (§ 35 of the statutes)



Mare inspection dates

The Schleswig-Holstein mare inspections are held in May. For members in the extended breeding area, shared mare inspections and foal registration and inspection sites are held from June to September.

Please fill in and submit the Application studbook registration 2021 to enter your mare for an inspection site.

All mares to be inspected for studbook registration must be entered in writing! The closing date for registration is 19 March 2021. The Kiel office should have received the application forms by this date to avoid delays in printing the catalogue.

If your mare is not inseminated and has no foal at foot in 2021, this should be stated on the application form. We will then charge no activation fee (31,- euros) for these mares. Otherwise, payment for activation and registration fees will be effected by cash on delivery.

Verband Mare Show:

Qualifier for members outside Schleswig-Holstein:
3-year-old mares aiming to qualify for the Verband mare show and State premium awards held on 13 June 2021 at Elmshorn must be presented at the qualifying outside members inspection site on 10 May 2021 at Elmshorn. This should be stated on the application form as well!

Further information about the Verband mare show can be found here.

Please note that in order to participate in the mare registration in the breeding district Foreign Members (Elmshorn) you must declare the readiness to start! Further information can be found here.


Mare Inspection Dates 2021



How can a mare be registered?

Holsteiner Guide

What are the options for mare regsitration?
Holsteiner Leitfaden

Mare Shows

Three-year-olds that meet the criteria in terms of breeding and have received a minimum score of 52 points at the breeding districts’ mare inspections qualify for the Verband mare show held at Elmshorn in June.


Verband Mare Show 2021 - The qualified mares:

Verband Mare Show 2021


Champion of the Verband Mare Show 2021: La Perla v. Casall-Contender (St. 1859) aus der Zucht und im Besitz von Katja Claußen-Brühe, Seeth-Ekholt (Foto: Janne Bugtrup)
Champion of the Verband Mare Show 2021: La Perla v. Casall-Contender (St. 1859) aus der Zucht und im Besitz von Katja Claußen-Brühe, Seeth-Ekholt (Foto: Janne Bugtrup)

Results of the final rings in the breeding districts



Mare Performance Test

The mare test can be taken as a station and field test as well as via the show sport.

The basic gaits, rideability and free jumping are evaluated. The mare's willingness to perform is also assessed in the station test. The successfully passed mare test is, among other things, the basis for the award of the state premium.

Mare Performance Test in Elmshorn
Mare Performance Test in Elmshorn

Information about the mare performance test

Mares may undergo performance testing on station or in the field.

The basic gaits, rideability and free jumping are judged. When undergoing on-station testing, the mares’ willingness to perform will be judged, as well. Successful mare performance testing is one of the requirement to be eligible for the State Premium designation.

Station Test

The station test involves 14-day training and a final test. In addition to evaluating basic gaits, rideability and free jumping, it also encompasses interior traits, subsumed under the mark for “willingness to perform and handling”.

The station test’s advantage is that the mares are trained and tested under standardized conditions over a two week period.

Field Test

The one-day field tests are held at various locations across Schleswig-Holstein and (from 2017) the extended breeding area.

They are carried out on instruction of the Holsteiner Verband by the Landeskommission für Pferdeleistungsprüfungen Schleswig-Holstein (State Horse Performance Test Committee S-H).

The field test starts with the free jumping in a jump chute (indoor arena), followed by a presentation under the own rider in groups up to four mares to evaluate basic gaits and rideability. Finally, the mare’s rideability is judged yet again by a test rider.

Holsteiner mares performance tested in Schleswig-Holstein (station or field test) sired by a young stallion (1st or 2nd covering season in 2018) or a Thoroughbred stallion will receive about 500 euros in financial support. Mare owners with a Holsteiner Verband membership will be contacted by the breeding department after the last field test.



How does a station test work?

Holsteiner Guide

How does afield test work?

Holsteiner Guide


Mare Test 2020


Registration and dates

The registration for the station test is done at the Holsteiner Verband in Kiel. The Landeskommission für Pferdeleistungsprüfungen in Bad Segeberg (state commission for horse performance tests) accepts the registrations for the field test.

Station Test


On the following days the final exam (freejumping and performance under the rider) for 3- and 4-year-old mares woll take place at 9:00 am in Elmshorn (Holsteiner Verband, Westerstr. 95, D-25336 Elmshorn):

Tuesday, 12.04.2022

Tuesday, 03.05.2022



In spring 2022 the station tests for 3-year-old Holsteiner mares will be carried out in Elmshorn. The mares will be kept at the station for 2 weeks. On the delivery day the mares have to be ridden in front of the test director by their own rider.

The fees for the entire station test amount to approx. 700 € per mare. This includes all costs (accommodation and care of the mares, riding and examination fees).

For the months of April / May 2022, two rounds of station tests are being planned. The exact dates will be fixed after receipt of the registrations and the owners of the mares will be informed.

We ask the breeders to register their mares for the station test 2022. Any Holsteiner mare (born in 2018 and 2019) may be entered. Should you be interested in having your mare undergo performance testing - which is rather important from the breeder’s point of view - you may enter the mare in question by submitting the entry form to the Holsteiner Verband, Abteilung Zucht, Steenbeker Weg 151, 24106 Kiel.

Registration deadline is 09 November 2021. Please adhere to this deadline, as we need to have an overview of the mares entered for performance testing as soon as possible. You will be issued with more information upon registration.


Field Test


21.04.2022 Elmshorn

11.05.2022 Elmshorn

22.06.2022 Elmshorn



The entry form and the preparation guidelines for the field test in Schleswig-Holstein can be found in the March issue of the association magazine PFERD+SPORT or on the website Landeskommission für Pferdeleistungsprüfungen Schleswig-Holstein. Any 3- to 5-year-old Holstein mare (birth years 2017, 2018 and 2019) may be entered.


Registration Form Mare Performance Test on Station 2022





Gewichtung der Merkmale der Stutenprüfung

Zur Förderung der Dressurpferde-Zucht in Holstein wurde aus dem Arbeitskreis ‚Dressur‘ angeregt, die Gewichtungen der beurteilten Merkmale in der Stutenprüfung anzupassen, um die dressurveranlagten Stuten leistungsbezogener zu beurteilen.

Adjustments in weighting the mare performance test criteria

To promote the breeding of Holsteiner dressage horses, and for a more performance-related assessment of dressage oriented mares, the dressage committee suggested adjusting the way the evaluated mare performance test criteria are weighted.

These suggestions have been implemented, so that the final test score is now calculated by weighting the criteria differently for jumping and dressage oriented mares.


Weighting the mare performance test criteria


Please state the mare’s orientation (jumping or dressage) on the field test entry form. The final test score will be calculated accordingly.

In case no information is provided, the mare will be considered as jumping oriented.