X-Ray status

In a further bid for transparency and in order to provide you with another aspect for successful breeding, the stallion keeping GmbH has published the x-ray status of the Verband stallions for the first time this year. The qualified classification was carried out by Dr. Werner Jahn, member of the nationwide radiograph commission.

“With respect to this classification into categories it has to be pointed out that all these stallions meet the requirements as to x-ray soundness to the full extent. The listed stallions have been classified into the first 3 of 5 categories. Stallions classified into the 4th and 5th category are not even put up for stud.”


These stallions have no findings = no abnormality detected/NAD


These stallions have minor findings, like for example a chip or small bony outgrowth


These stallions have multiple findings or one OC/OCD, however, these findings did not prevent licensing with respect to suitability for breeding.