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For centuries, horse breeding and equestrianism have played an important role in our land between the seas - Schleswig-Holstein, the horse country between the seas.

Our Holsteiners have become world famous since, they have gained a following from various nations and people all across the world breed Holsteiner horses.

We invite you to join us and become a Holsteiner Verband member, to become part of our community striving to breed the best Holsteiner horses. Wherever you live, wherever you come from, you are welcome.

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The Executive Board of the Holsteiner Association

For the accomplishment of all tasks in Holstein horse breeding, a tripartite organizational model was chosen. There is the Holsteiner Verband as such, the "Mutter" with headquarters in Kiel, as well as two subsidiaries, the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH and the Holsteiner Verband Vermarktungs- und Auktions GmbH, both with headquarters in Elmshorn.

First Chairman of the Board: Ulrich Steuber (Osdorf)

Second Chairman of the Board: Dr. Maximilian Slawinski (Soest)

The other board members:
Dieter Feddersen (Joldelund)

Jürgen Schaffner (Hohenaspe)

Inken Gräfin von Platen-Hallermund (Wangels)

Photo: Janne Bugtrup
Photo: Janne Bugtrup
1st Chairman of the Board

Ulrich Steuber

The new elected president of the Holsteiner Verband Ulrich Steuber (66) comes from the Rendsburg-Eckernförde breeding district. The self-employed architect breeds with four to five Holsteiner mares together with his wife. He has been a member of the Holsteiner Verband since 1979. Since then he has already held several voluntary positions at different levels. Most recently, he chaired his breeding district and was active as the Holsteiner Verband's Good Governance Officer. The newly elected chairman of the board received a unanimous vote from the delegates' assembly.

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2nd Chairman of the Board

Dr. Maximilian Slawinski

The new vice president, Dr. Maximilian Slawinski grew up in East Holstein and lives at Soest in Northrhine Westphalia now. Since early last year, he is the vice president of the licensing district of external members. The 35-year-old works as the director of product management and marketing for Infineon Technologies AG at Warstein and rides successfully in jumping up to advanced level. He will give an important voice at the directing level to the Holsteiner Verband‘s largest licensing district. Raising the numbers of foals registered at Holsteiner Verband, higher turnover in stallion keeping and with marketing and auctions to achieve lastingly positive finances and a strengthening of the employee force are among the first goals in his new position. “Together with breeders in Germany and internationally we have to propel the Holsteiner breed up in front again. I want to do my part in that“, Dr. Maximilian Slawinski defines as the most important goal for the future.


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Photo: Janne Bugtrup
Photo: Janne Bugtrup
Photo: Janne Bugtrup
Photo: Janne Bugtrup
1st Assessor of the Board

Dieter Feddersen

From now, Dieter Feddersen from Joldelund will act as an assessor. Since more than 20 years, the 49-year-old is active within the Holsteiner Verband, beginning as the president of the young breeders of North Frisia and then as a delegate and even later the president of his licensing district. Apart from owning a petrol station and a horse shop, he also runs the family’s equestrian breeding and sport facility Pulverturm. His ideas for the Holsteiner Verband focus on modernising and extension of the stallion stable, highlighting the unique features of the Holsteiner horse and strengthening the service. “I see myself as the connection between breeders and the board and I will always have an ear at the grass roots. I always tried to work like this. From now on I want to do that from the board’s level“, Feddersen sees his task as an assessor on the newly elected board. 


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2nd Assessor of the Board

Jürgen Schaffner

Jürgen Schaffner (61) lives in Hohenaspe in the district of Steinburg. He is professionally active as an executive and authorised signatory at an international logistics company based in Hamburg. As a breeder and owner of sport horses, the newly elected assessor is close to the action and always has an eye on the (inter)national horse scene.  As a member of the board of his former riding club and at the district riding association, Jürgen Schaffner has already worked in an honorary capacity. Among other things, he has taken up the cause of improving the cohesion of the breeders.

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Foto: Janne Bugtrup
Foto: Janne Bugtrup
Photo: Janne Bugtrup
Photo: Janne Bugtrup
3rd Assessor of the Board

Inken Gräfin von Platen-Hallermund

The former German and European champion of eventing, Inken Gräfin von Platen-Hallermund (45) from Gut Friederikenhof in Wangels will be active on the board as an assessor. Since 2009, the business woman with a graduate diploma and sports economist is self-employed, running the farm with her husband Sebastian. Over 14 years, she has been the mentor of new and young breeders at the Holsteiner Verband and she did that with a lot of success. Under her guidance the young breeders won multiple national and international titles for Holstein. This as a background will make her an important connection to younger breeders, leaving it to her to set new impulses. Inken Gräfin von Platen-Hallermund appreciates the Verband’s members as the foundation for everything and wants to value every breeder regardless of discipline or performance. Just like the other new board members she sees the potential and the importance of the Verband’s own stallion stable. She wants to support it as well as the marketing.  


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The bodies of the Holsteiner Association


The association's territory is divided into 13 breeding districts.

The elected delegates of the Breeding Districts meet twice a year in Neumünster for the Delegates' Meeting.

This meeting is suspended: the Executive Committee of the Association, the 13 Breeding District Chairmen and the 116 Delegates.

The Verband shall maintain:

  • a breeding committee
  • a stallion owners’ delegation
  • a stallion licensing committee as well as an objection committee relating to this
  • an inspection and registration committee


The details of the boards and commissions can be found in Part A (Constitution) of the Statutes.

Statute of the Holsteiner Verband

The 13 Breeding Districts

Each Holsteiner breeding district holds a general assembly at least once a year. The breeding district assembly deals with the following matters:
  • election of the breeding district board (chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary and treasurer)
  • election of Holsteiner Verband delegates according to the Verband rules and bylaws
  • discussion of Holsteiner Verband topical matters and affairs
  • discussion of breeding district matters and affairs
    • Elections are held every four years.
    • The delegates elected by the breeding districts meet at the delegate assembly in Neumünster twice a year.



Contact Persons in the Breeding Districts

Delegates and their deputies in the breeding districts

The Holstein Young Breeders

commitment, team spirit and fun

Over 1,000 young and young-at-heart members are organized in 10 young breeders' clubs across Holstein, offering their members educational and social events.

"The Holstein Young Breeders aim to give their members the tools they need to breed successfully now or later.""

Having your own horse is not required for membership.

If you would also like to become a member of the Holsteiner Verband as a young breeder, you will receive special benefits.

More information can be found on the Young Breeders website


Young Breeders Website

Advantages for young breeders

If you are under 25 and a member of a young breeders' club, you only pay a membership fee of 50 euros per year.

What does membership cost?

Membership in a young breeders' club costs between 10 - 20 euros per year.

You can find an overview of the clubs in Schleswig-Holstein on the young breeders' website


Young Breeders Website


This membership also offers the following advantages

Asmussen Verlag grants young breeders a 10% discount on all of the publisher's own Holstein books.

The Rathmann Verlag GmbH & Co. KG allows all young breeders a discounted price to subscribe to the Holsteiner trade magazine PFERD+SPORT.

The Holsteiner Verband grants discounts at the Holsteiner Shop, more information on the young breeders website.

The young breeders clubs have a variety of lecture events in your program, e.g. on the topics: Feeding, husbandry, shoeing, physiotherapy, Holsteiner Verband, mare lines.

Your Contact Person

Frederike Schwarck
Young and new breeder representatives

ZSF - Holsteiner Zucht- und Sportförderung e.V.

Holsteiner Zucht und Sportförderung is a non-profit association that supports breeders, breeding districts and association committees in all matters relating to the Holsteiner horse and, in particular, aims to promote dialogue between breeders and the association.

Topics from the Holsteiner breeding community are addressed and the training and further education of horses and riders in all areas of equestrian sport is promoted.  Courses, seminars and advanced training programmes are offered for this purpose.
Other activities include competitions and presentations of foals, young horses and young sport horses at events in the breeding districts and on the grounds of the Holsteiner Verband in Elmshorn.  

If you have any further ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can become a member of the Holsteiner ZSF from a contribution of 20 euros per year. We look forward to your membership!



Sabine Verhaagh  0170-3540727
Philipp Schwartz-Hafter  0170-6346367
Ute Ladiges  0160-5946948
Denise Behrmann  0174-1678878

Account: Holsteiner Zucht- und Sportförderung e.V.  
VR Bank in Holstein eG  DE04 2219 1405 0017 2681 10


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