Holsteiner Events

Traditional and innovative Holsteiner events await breeders and fans of Holsteiner horses. We look forward to your visit!

Holsteiner Spring Auction 19.03.2022: Find the registration here >

Upcoming Events
Verband Stallions
September 2022
27. September 2022
01. October 2022
Inspection tour in the breeding district North American
October 2022
05. October 2022
06. October 2022
Mare and foal inspection sites in Schleswig-Holstein
16. October 2022 - Begin: 12:30
Presentation of the elite riding horses
On Sunday, 16 October, the journey to Elmshorn is worthwhile. At 12:30 p.m. the
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16. October 2022 - Begin: 15:00
Public training of the Verband stallions
On Sunday, 16 October, the journey to Elmshorn is worthwhile. At 12:30 p.m. the
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November 2022
04. November 2022
05. November 2022
04. November 2022
05. November 2022
Shortened ability test (jumping) with saddle licensing (3 and 4 year old stallions)
21. November 2022
25. November 2022
Pre-selection for the young stallion licensing
December 2022
11. December 2022
The Holsteiner video portal
Holsteiner Licensing 2021

Impressions of the free jumping of the candidates on Friday

Impressions of the 2021 licensing
The stallion prospects inspected on hard surface
Mare registration
This is how a Holsteiner Verband mare registration works
Springflut Festival
Holsteiner Verband meets Highlight Sales at the Springflut Festival in Hörup
50th Holsteiner Licensing & Auction
That was the Anniversary Licensing & Elite Riding Horse Auction 2020 in Neumünster.
50 Years Holsteiner Licensing & Auction
An emotional look back from the last 50 years in Neumünster
Holsteiner Summer-Event 2020
Sport, breeding and auction in bright sunshine in Elmshorn.
Training of the Verband stallions
in April 2021 with Jos Lansink
Stallion show in Neumünster
Impressions of the Verband Stallion Show 2020