The autumn licensing has been held at the Neumünster Holstenhalls for well above 30 years.
The autumn licensing has been held at the Neumünster Holstenhalls for well above 30 years.

Stallion Licensing

The licensing is the most important selection step for young stallions. The colts are stallion graded either in-hand at two-and-a-half years or under the rider at 3-yr-old and older (April grading).

The autumn grading of the colts is the breeding year’s major event. In Holstein, this event has been held at the Neumünster Holstenhalls for well above 30 years. Further licensing events, to which also older stallions are admitted, will take place in April and for 3 and 4 year old stallions in October in Elmshorn. At the Elmshorn licensing sites held in January and April, older stallions are admitted, as well.


Pilot Project at Elmshorn: Holsteiner Stallion Licensing from 13 to 16 December 2023

This year, the stallion licensing is held from 13 to 16 December 2023 at the Elmshorn Verband facility. More information about the event in December can be found here.

Stallion Performance Test

At the licensing, the stallions are primarily judged for conformation and structure.

The evaluation of the free jumping provides the only information on own performance. Stallion performance testing is the first official assessment of own performance. The stallion performance test system has been thoroughly reformed in 2016. The test may be completed on station (50-day test) or by combining 14-day on-station testing and competition tests. In 2022, the 14-day station test will be reduced to 3 days for the first time as a short assessment test in a pilot project.


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Stallion Book Registration

A stallion successfully completing the selection levels stallion licensing and performance testing is listed in the stallion book I.

Outcross stallions considered to hold exceptional value for the Holsteiner breeding programme can be listed in the stallion book I if they fulfil the requirements stipulated by the Holsteiner Verband articles.

In Neumünster on 24 May 2017 during their meeting the delegates agreed to the statute changes that will allow to establish the new studbook called Holstein Global.



Outcross Stallions since 1993



The details of stallion book registration ccan be found in Part B (Breeding Program) of the Statutes.

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Breeding Value Estimation

Every year, in order to estimate a stallion’s potential as a sire, the results of the current breeding value evaluation are published.

At the end of every breeding year each breeder is issued his breeding stock’s breeding values (stallions and mares) along with the Activated Breeding Stock Report.

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Breeding Value Estimation