A Breeding Concept prevails

The Breeding Goal

The Holstein breed itself has been one of the best show jumping and eventing breeds in the world for decades. In addition, Holstein genetics also serve as the basis for success in numerous other show jumping breeds. In almost 150 years of breeding history, Holstein breeders have succeeded in developing the former commercial horse into a high-performance sport partner.

In doing so, a clear breeding goal is pursued: A correct, typeful, modern and particularly powerful horse for top sport is bred, which is able to cope with the increased technical requirements in jumping and eventing. With its effective movement and a clear canter, it is also desired for the higher dressage sport. As a matter of principle, animal welfare is given high priority in all selection decisions based on the above-mentioned breeding objective.

In every horse breeding, standing still means taking a step backwards in the long run, which is why the Holsteiner Verband must also adapt to the constantly changing market. The modern equestrian sport of today, requires first and foremost an easy to ride and modern sport partner. Since Holstein breeders have pushed the use of thoroughbreds from early on and have always attached importance to type, the Holstein horse meets these requirements. In both type and movement, the Holstein horse has distinct advantages.

In future mating decisions, breeders should increasingly use responsive, wealthy stallions with strong type, which in combination with the consolidated mare base, performance tested if possible, will lead to sustainable breeding success. In addition, health and good character traits should always be considered in any breeding decision.


Statutes of the Holsteiner Verband