Holsteiner Stallion Days 2023 in Neumünster

52nd Holsteiner licensing 
from 9-11 February 2023 in Neumünster

Right at the beginning of the year, an event of the Holsteiner Verband celebrates its premiere in the Holstenhallen of Neumünster: from February 9th to 11th, the stallions of the 2020 crop will be licensed and auctioned, breeders will be honoured and on Sunday (February 12th) the sires of the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH will present themselves in Neumünster according to tradition.

After the new German animal welfare guidelines made it necessary to postpone the licensing date, a new date was sought and found. The young stallions, which will continue to be judged in hand and in free jumping, will all be three years old at the new date. There will be only a few changes to the schedule. The official starting signal will be given on Thursday, 9 February, with the traditional pavement inspection. On Friday the event is all about free jumping, on Saturday the licensing judgements will be announced, followed by the auction of the licensed and unlicensed stallions.
At the end of the Holsteiner Week, breeders have the opportunity - right at the beginning of the breeding season - to get an impression of the Holsteiner Verband stallions. This is because their presentation, which has taken place at the beginning of February in Neumünster for many years, will be part of the Holsteiner week in future.

220 stallions for pre-selection
About 220 stallions of the 2020 crop came to Elmshorn at the end of November to present themselves to the licensing commission for the first time. The Uriko son United Way (16) sent the most sons, closely followed by Casall (15). With eight offspring each, Cascadello, Cornet Obolensky and Million Dollar were represented. A total of 69 could withstand the critical eyes of the Commission and - subject to their health inspection - were admitted to the licensing. The vintage is again characterised by a wide variety of bloodlines. Casall sent the most sons (6), followed by United Way (5), followed by Colman and Cascadello I with four offspring each. "The pre-selections have presented us with a balanced vintage with a broader top. Now I am curious to see how the stallions will continue to develop until the beginning of February. A new feature this year was the compulsory wearing of helmets by the demonstrators, which was well received and proved its worth," reported breeding director Stephan Haarhoff afterwards.

Honour to whom honour is due
It is a long-standing tradition to honour the most successful breeders of the year at the main licensing in Neumünster. And this custom will of course be continued in the future. Breeders of successful national and international championship horses as well as the Breeder of the Year 2022 will be the focus of attention. In addition, further supporting programme items, such as a breeders' party, are planned. The friends of the Holsteiner horse can look forward to an exciting Holsteiner Week in the Holstenhallen in Neumünster at the beginning of February.


Thursday, 09 February 2023
10.30 a.m. stallion prospects inspected on hard surface (part I)
01.00 p.m. stallion prospects inspected on hard surface (part II)
followed by stallion prospects on the ring at a walk
Friday, 10  February 2023
08.30 a.m. stallion prospects at liberty / free jumping
06.00 p.m. Jumping classes of the CdS - Qualifier for the VR-Classics
Saturday, 11 February 2023
09.30 a.m. presentation of all stallions, announcement of the approval status
01.30 p.m. announcement of champion stallion
followed by Auction of the premium stallions
followed by Auction of the licensed / non-licensed stallions
followed by Stallion of the century Casall
8.00 p.m. Breeder's Party at hall 5
Sunday, 12 February 2023
10.30 a.m. Traditional Stallion Show of the Holsteiner Verband Hengsthaltungs GmbH
03.30 p.m. Jumping classes of the CdS - Qualifier for the VR-Classics



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