24. May 2022
Results of the mare inspection in the breeding districts Bordesholm, Ostholstein...

The mare registration and award tour continued yesterday in Behrendorf.

The result of the final ring of the three year old mares can be found below:

Ergebnis des Endringes in den Körbezirken Bordesholm-Ostholstein-Plön (24.05.2022):

I. DE421000150719  Magnolia      GEB. 03.04.2019 Rappe        B  4965
Diamant d.Sem FRA00191446545F SF   E-Orchidee   BP    DE421000064412
V. Clinton I       -Alcatraz        -Royal Wash   xx
Z.:Oldekop ZG                          Schönwalde
B.:ZG Oldekop/Walter                   Schönwalde (KÖRBEZIRK OSTHOLSTEIN)

II. DE421000144319  Million Miami GEB. 16.04.2019 Braun        B  5167
MillionDollar BEL002W00301601 BWP  Dirty DancingBP    DE421000130411
V. Cassilano       -Ariadus         -Calypso II
Z.u.B.:Witthöft Hans Adolf             Preetz-Wakendorf (KÖRBEZIRK PLÖN)

III. DE421000073219  Manya-T       GEB. 09.04.2019 Braun        B  2934
Van Gogh      NLD003200204840 WPN  Bella T      SP    DE421000045009
V. Canto           -Raimondo        -Calypso II
Z.u.B.:Teegen Marion                   Husberg (KÖRBEZIRK BORDESHOLM)

IV. DE421000152819  Minett        GEB. 03.04.2019 Braun        B  2472
Del'Arko d'He FRA00113398572J SF   Gofinett     BP    DE421000155714
V. Connor          -QuidamdeReve SF -Lord
Z.u.B.:Detlef Niko                     Daenschendorf (KÖRBEZIRK OSTHOLSTEIN)

o.R. DE421000182819  M-Caja        GEB. 02.04.2019 DkBraun      B  223B
Conthargos    DE418180092504  OS   Nanett I     SP    DE321210232098
V. Corofino I      -Landgraf I      -Fabulus
Z.u.B.:Fielmann Günther                Schierensee (KÖRBEZIRK RENDSBURG-ECKERNFÖRDE)

The Champion mare of the breeding district "Ostholstein" and the mare from the breeding district "Rendsburg-Eckernförde" have qualified for the participation in the association mare show.


This year's Verband mare show will take place on Sunday, June 12, as part of the Holsteiner Horse Days in Elmshorn.

Click here for the preliminary schedule




The results of the current mare inspections in the breeding districts can also be found in the mare shows section as of today:

Here you can find the results of the mare shows

You can purchase the mare registration catalog at the Holsteiner Verband office in Kiel (Tel. +49 (0) 431 305 996 0 or wessel@holsteiner-veband.de) and at the registration places.

Click here for the CATALOG!

Click here for the SUPPLEMENT!



Title photo: Champion mare of the breeding district "Ostholstein"

Champion mare of the breeding district "Plön"



Champion mare of the breeding district "Bordesholm"


Photos: Götz Hartmann