Inspection and Registration Sites

Sites in Schleswig-Holstein

Important: In case the registration/inspection date is nearing and you have not yet received the registration documents even though you have submitted the Certificate of Birth in due form, do not hesitate to contact the Kiel office (0049-431-305996-0)!


Foal inspection and registration 2024

Monday, 01.07.2024 Ostholstein

Monday, 08.07.2024 Schleswig-Flensburg
Tuesday, 09.07.2024 Schleswig-Flensburg
Sunday, 14.07.2024 Schleswig-Flensburg (foal championship)

Wednesday, 10.07.2024 Pinneberg
Thursday, 11.07.2024 Pinneberg
Saturday, 13.07.2024 Pinneberg (foal championship)

Monday, 15.07.2024 Nordfriesland
Tuesday, 16.07.2024 Nordfriesland
Wednesday, 17.07.2024 Nordfriesland
Thursday, 18.07.2024 Nordfriesland

Saturday, 20.07.2024 Segeberg

Monday, 22.07.2024 Plön

Tuesday, 23.07.2024 Stormarn-Lauenburg
Wednesday, 24.07.2024 Stormarn-Lauenburg

Friday, 26.07.2024 Bordesholm

Monday, 29.07.2024 Steinburg
Tuesday, 30.07.2024 Steinburg

Thursday, 01.08.2024 Rendsburg-Eckernförde

Monday, 05.08.2024 Dithmarschen
Tuesday, 06.08.2024 Dithmarschen


Götz Hartmann
Assistant to the Breeding Director

Sites in the extended breeding area

In Germany, the main registration tour usually takes place between mid-June and mid-July. An additional registration tour will be arranged between mid-August and October.

The schedule is updated and, if necessary, extended on a monthly basis. Other inspection and registration sites outside Germany may be arranged. To do so, please call Ms Dr. Stefanie Bergmann at the Holsteiner Verband office (+49-431-305996-51) or send an email to: bergmann@holsteiner-verband.de

IMPORTANT: Post the stallion keeper’s Covering Certificate and the Foal/no Foal Report to the Holsteiner Verband Kiel office (Steenbeker Weg 151, 24106 Kiel) as soon as your foal is born. We will then issue you with the registration card required for your foal’s registration.



North American Breeding District Inspection Tour:
The annual inspection tour through the US and Canada usually takes place in September. The judges will be visiting several sites and assessing foals, mares and stallions.

For questions about the tour contact Marja Solterbeck (solterbeck@holsteiner-verband.de) or Stefanie Bergmann (bergmann@holsteiner-verband.de).

Dr. Stefanie Bergmann
Foreign Members
Katarzyna Wolf
Assistant Studbook Matters
Marja-Liisa Solterbeck
Marebook Management

Foal Registration

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