Breeding Value Estimation


Estimation of a stallion’s potential as a sire

Every year, in order to estimate a stallion’s potential as a sire, the results of the current breeding value evaluation are published.

At the end of every breeding year each breeder is issued his breeding stock’s breeding values (stallions and mares) along with the Activated Breeding Stock Report.

The breeding value provides information about the genetic predisposition of a horse, which cannot be seen directly in the observed performance. In the breeding value estimation, environmental influences such as the age of the horse, the quality of the rider and the training are separated from the genetic predisposition. The accuracy of the breeding value estimation provides information about the certainty of the breeding value and is expressed as a percentage.

FN Estimation of Breeding Values

On the basis of all available tournament sport results, the computer centre in Verden (vit) carries out an annual breeding value estimation for dressage and jumping predisposition of horses on behalf of the German Equestrian Federation (FN).

Until 2015 the breeding values were estimated in an integrated model, i.e. all information (results from the stallion performance test, the SLP and from young horse tournaments) were combined with the results of the tournament sport (class A to class S) to one result (breeding value).

As of 2016, the breeding value estimation for tournament sport competitions will be carried out independently of the tests for young horses. The sources of information are divided into two areas: Young horse results (HLP, SLP and results from basic tests in tournament sport) and tournament sport results (here all national rankings of tournament sport from class A to class S are included).

In 2019, a breeding value estimation based on national and international tournament sport data of German horses was carried out for the first time. The trait the highest level in competion (HEK) in each of the disciplines dressage and jumping.

Further information can be found on the website of the FN



Holstein Estimation of Breeding Values

Since 2014, the Holsteiner Verband, together with the Landeskontrollverband Schleswig-Holstein, has carried out the "internal" breeding value estimation for the areas of foal inspection, studbook inspection and mare performance test.

Estimation of breeding values is based on data including conformation traits of foals, studbook inspection as well as performance test of mares (data recorded in Schleswig-Holstein). Results of tournaments do not enter into the estimation. Breeding values are only published for stallions with a minimum number of tested descendants.

Conformation traits of foals: type/conformation and correctness of movement

Studbook inspection: breed type, topline, fore legs, hind legs, correctness of gaits, push and swing

Mare performance test: walk, trot, canter, rideablility and free jumping

The basis for the breeding value estimation is the data given by the commission members at the foal registration, studbook inspection registration and performance test of mares (station and field). New data is added every year. The 2021 breeding value estimation is based on the evaluations of 107,929 foals from 1984 to 2022, 44,956 mares newly registered in the studbook between 1972 and 2022 and 11,661 mares who passed a mare performance test in Schleswig-Holstein from 1983 to 2022.


Breeding values 2022 of all stallions currently used in the Holsteiner breed

Breeding values 2022 of older stallions

More Information about the Holstein breeding value estimation